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A full denture (complete denture) is an appliance that replaces all your natural teeth on the upper arch, the lower arch, or both the upper and lower arches. Complete dentures aid in supporting your lips and cheeks, in addition to improving mastication, phonetics and appearance.


Usually made as a temporary solution to improve your ability to chew food or simply restore your smile’s appearance. This is the most cost-effective option that is easily altered if the addition of more teeth to the denture is required. An acrylic partial denture is supported by the bone and gum and secured in place by metal clasps that hug your teeth.

Cobalt Chrome (metal) dentures

Due to their strength, cobalt chrome dentures are lighter in weight and thinner in size, making them a superior, more comfortable, and longer-lasting solution for the patient. Unlike the plastic (acrylic) denture, they are supported by the remaining natural teeth and won’t sink into the gums, causing irreversible damage and further tooth loss.


Immediate dentures are exactly as they sound: they are inserted immediately after the unfavourable natural tooth/teeth are extracted. These dentures have many benefits. Namely, they keep post-extraction inflammation at bay, restore your smile instantly, and assist with eating and speech. Immediate dentures are an alternative to having to wait several months for bone and gum to heal before having dentures constructed the conventional way. Once your bone and gums have healed, your dentures will need to be relined to restore the fit, or, alternately, you can have a new set of dentures constructed.


Over time, your bone can change shape and even shrink, resulting in your dentures becoming loose and unstable. Relines help restore unstable dentures by adding a new surface lining to the fitting surface of your denture, making it secure again. Relines are a part of ongoing denture maintenance and are usually required every 2–3 years.


Accidents happen and can result in your denture needing to be repaired. We can replace chipped or missing teeth, fix small cracks in the plastic, and even repair dentures that have completely broken in half.

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